Dear Valued Team Members,

We are in the process of rebuilding the Professional Networkers website. There was an article located in our library by Dr. Darryl See from 2001 on late stage cancers that contained statements that appeared to make product claims. Due to that article and the fact that our website contains such a vast amount of information and could possibly contain similar articles, 4Life has requested that we take the whole website down.

Mike Akins was very happy to work with 4Life on this matter and to comply with their request(s) because he believes that protecting the future of our company and products, along with protecting all of our future incomes, is vitally important.

We would like to use this opportunity to emphasize the importance of being careful not to associate diverse health claims with 4Life Transfer Factor® products.

In conclusion, we have intended to update this site with a more modern design. This will provide a great opportunity to make enhancements to the website. Please check back periodically and replicate your sites again once we have completed these changes.

Thank you for all you do in taking transfer factors to the world.


Professional Networkers